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Randy Reed – Former Mayor of Castle Rock Endorses Gary Godfrey for District 2 Town Council



“I am supporting Gary Godfrey for Castle Rock Town Council to represent District 2. I have known Gary for some time and am honored to have his friendship.
Gary understands the direction, needs, and future direction for the Town of Castle Rock. He understand the importance of a strong and vibrate downtown. Gary realizes that The Promenade needs to be completed in accordance to the proposed plans the Town approved for that development.
Gary understands the importance of water needs for the future of the Town of Castle Rock. I ask you to vote for Gary Godfrey District 2 Town of Castle.” – Randy Reed – Former Mayor of Castle Rock, Colorado
A Brief Overview

My Campaign

I will be devoting my time and energy, aside from work of livelihood, to meet and discuss with all constituents of my district, as much as possible. I will present myself with respect for you and your health in these times we live. I will provide as much information and media content as possible. I will inform you and keep you informed as I grow in the educational process of service in our town municipality of Castle Rock, Colorado.

Your Candidate for District 2 Town Council
Gary L. Godfrey

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We Serve One Another!

My Platform

I support local small business owners. I support a community where local residents will enjoy what our town has to offer in a diversity of retail opportunities. I support hiring local within any existing or new enterprise within Castle Rock. I support our local Castle Rock Police Department and our local Castle Rock Professional Firefighters. I support a well-balanced Open Space ratio with any future developments. I support private property owner rights. I support low taxes. I support a vibrant downtown community, within our community. I support local private enterprise to create and develop an exciting place for teens in a safe environment.

Now, I will break this down.


My Promise to You, Castle Rock!

My Mission

I support small business amidst the growth of our town. I support shopping local in support of our local small businesses, and continuing to build upon the sales tax revenue, of which our town thrives and supports what sets us apart from other front range communities. I support addressing the rising costs of living as well as the need for lower-cost housing, without the stigma of Section 8. I will justify my votes by listening to the constituents and relying on a common sense direction for our town as a whole. I will stand against town management if I feel development over popular opinion, without total transparency is abused in any way. As constituents, your mind is my mind, and I am not afraid to speak my mind. “What gets measured, gets managed.” – Peter Drucker – Father of Management Thinking. Also, you cannot measure Life, but you can enjoy it…READ MORE HERE

Map of District 2 Castle Rock, Colorado (Green)

My Story - Who Is Gary Godfrey?

What Brought Me to Castle Rock?

I was a refugee of the 2013 floods in Northern Colorado, having lost it all where I lived at the time in Glen Haven, Colorado. I relocated to Castle Rock by circumstance and immediately fell in love with the small-town feel. Having lived in the Colorado Mountains for several years, Castle Rock held the appeal of a small town community. It still does. Keeping up with the rising cost of living has been a challenge, but overcoming and rising to the challenge is my forte. I overcame the flood setback, and rebuilt a life in this amazing “Diamond in the Rough” community!

Why Serve at This Time, and for What Purpose?

This answer to the first part of the question? It is simply time. Life has now afforded me with the opportunity of time and energy to devote a tenure of public service in support of our towns progress and fiscal growth, while standing up for responsible growth, never compromising our small-town feel. I support historical preservation of Castle Rock’s roots and history.
Keeping up with the rising cost of living has been a challenge since I arrived, but overcoming and rising to this or any challenge is my forte.
I support small business amidst the growth of our town. I support shopping local in support of our local small businesses, and continuing to build upon the sales tax revenue.
Sales tax revenue supports public safety; Fire, Police, and Street Maintenance (winter snow removal). These services-capacity are dependent upon this revenue, and you, the citizen supporting local. I support ongoing education of myself and all citizens in the areas of Development, Public Services, (transportation infrastructure), Water Resources, and Public Safety. Impact Fees support the infrastructure. It is time for developers and business to want to come here and invest, not for the town to incentivize with proposals.
I support transparency to the public in all of these areas. To sum this up; I support dedicating myself to four years in the position of District 2 Town Council, serving the constituents of my district with information and transparency in the growth and the direction of our town municipality, Castle Rock, Colorado.

What I bring to Town Council

Why do I feel I am qualified to serve on town council? To me it is simple. I am a citizen of the United States. I am a registered elector in Douglas County. I do not work for the Town of Castle Rock. I have been a resident for more than twelve consecutive months. I am a resident within the district of which I am willing to serve. These are the mandated requirements of qualification.
– Willing to give of my time
– A passion to serve
– A desire to participate in the process of growth in our town
– Honesty, Integrity, and Dedication – Dedication is the prerequisite to discipline
– It is time to serve my neighbors
No, I do not have extensive, or even minimal experience in town government. I am not a politician. I will serve our town with the same integrity, honor, passion, and dedication I challenge myself to stand upon each and every day. Things I have accomplished in life:
– Managing Director of an outreach program for the homeless
– Home Builder/Painting Contractor
– Special Olympics Fundraiser (Accounts Manager)
– Rental Goods Store Manager/Accounts Manager
– Director of Operations/Assistant Manager – Retreat and Conference Center
– State Certification in Wastewater and Freshwater Management (small systems)
– Owner/Operator – Cabinhouse Tradingpost in Glen Haven, Colorado
– Published Author
– Local Retail Management – 5 ½ years
– Current: CRCO – Castle Rock Local Business Alliance Administrator
Several years ago, I took some classes at Chemeketa Community College – Business, Psychology, and Grant Writing. I also participated in the Myers-Briggs Indicator Test. I do not recall which four-letter type fit my personality, but I do recall the instructor telling me, “I was in the category of a few; the one corporations look for due to a need to understand how all departments support one another. Today, we call this “networking”.
So there you have it. This is me, Candidate Gary Godfrey – District 2 Town Council

Why Choose Gary Godfrey for Town Council?


Having been certified in the State of Colorado to operate and manage wastewater and freshwater small systems, I have an understanding of the complexities and costs to secure, renew, and reclaim water from natural and developed resources.

Castle Rock Water, being an Enterprise of the Town of Castle Rock is an award-winning supplier of all the water needs of Castle Rock in its past, current, and future developments. I have had the pleasure of being presented with an overview of past, present, and future projects for water rights and accessibilities for all current and future need. This is an area of most importance, which I will involve myself. Future growth and development are determined from the reports of Castle Rock Water, as I see it, as it should be.


Development is on everyone’s mind. Landowners, entitlements, zoning requirements and restrictions, and the ambition of long-term planners is and will be on the agenda of our town government going forward. It is by responsible, dedicated citizens serving our community who will make all the difference in assuring that growth in our town is held to a high, accountable standard. Water resources will dictate just how much our town will be allowed to expand. Understanding these limits is crucial.

The 2030 Master Plan, approved by Town Council is our map into the next decade. Council approved this plan in 2017. The “Plan” holds to the theme, “A world-class community with small-town character.” It is our current guidepost into responsible growth, of which I support, though I prefer to use the term, “Common-Sense” growth. Distinct Town Identity, Responsible Growth, Community Services, and Thriving Economy; these are the “Four Cornerstones” which are in place to provide guidance to our community and our decision makers. As a decision maker in our community, I will always keep the focus within the scope of this directive, listening to my constituents and our local business owners. A healthy balance between the two will best serve the town as a whole.

Let us accept the directive of the 2030 Master Plan with accountability to the town’s benefit and the citizen’s approval.


Streets, roadways, and intersections always needs to be addressed. Many streets and roadways are in need of repair. Due to our increase in traffic congestion, intersections and widening in some locations will continue to be in demand. Many of these projects are being undertaken at this time and some are forecast to proceed. In the Promenade area of District 2, there are locations of need. Traffic is a part of transportation, within the scope of the Public Works Department. Development fees should exceed the basic support to our Public Works Department.

The rate of speed and conduct of driving is becoming relevant to many. In my opinion, it is often the driving habits of some that lend to the frustrations of traffic congestion in localized areas of our town. I am a strong advocate for Public Service Announcements in signage and social media. This can be done at minimal costs. This latter point should also be addressed in Public Safety.


I am a strong supporter and advocate in our Castle Rock Police Department. I am a strong supporter and advocate of all law enforcement, Local, County, and State. I will never be a supporter of any defunding or fund diversions which would affect our CRPD in a detrimental way, or the safety and protection of our community. Our CRPD is in no need of any progressive reform.

The Castle Rock Fire & Rescue should always be supported in the same manner, including all they should need to respond even to the furthest outreaches of our city limits. Keep in mind, the Castle Rock Police Department and the Castle Rock Fire & Rescue are involved in many more town and citizen needs and activities than simply safety, protection, first response, and law enforcement. We should be aware of zoning when our town’s geographical limits are threatened with encroachment from Unincorporated Douglas County developments.

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Let us keep the flavor of our historical roots alive. Supporting all efforts from groups like the Historic Preservation Board. “The Historic Preservation Board works to protect and preserve the history of Castle Rock through recommendations to Town Council for designation of historic structures as landmarks at the local level.” (Excerpt from Town Government – Boards and Commissions – Historic Preservation Board).

I may not have the qualifications required to reside on this board in a supportive way, though I am experienced and educated in geology, but maintaining the historic value of our early beginnings is of most importance to me. We are known for our historic, Rhyolite structures from the early days of rhyolite mining. Rather than fake-looking rhyolite on our new development structures, wouldn’t it be cool to see some Rhyolite Stone dressing up these structures?

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Open Space is critical to Castle Rock’s identity and character. It is what Castle Rock residents love most about our town. Open Space is and always should be maintained as a healthy balance with future development. Open Space, correctly served, will limit space available for future developments, which I see as a good thing. The future shows Castle Rock exceeding a population growth exceeding 100,000. Open Space should always be the first topic of discussion when hearing from developers of future projects. This limitation should be the limitation to growth. I envision the Town of Castle Rock buffered by Open Space separating us with other nearby municipalities.

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