I support small business amidst the growth of our town. I support shopping local in support of our local small businesses, and continuing to build upon the sales tax revenue, of which our town thrives and supports what sets us apart from other front range communities. I support addressing the rising costs of living as well as the need for lower-cost housing, without the stigma of Section 8. I will justify my votes by listening to the constituents and relying on a common sense direction for our town as a whole. I will stand against town management if I feel development over popular opinion, without total transparency is abused in any way. As constituents, your mind is my mind, and I am not afraid to speak my mind. “What gets measured, gets managed.” – Peter Drucker – Father of Management Thinking. Also, you cannot measure Life, but you can enjoy it.


With the 2030 Master Plan, growth of our town is inevitable, but not unmanageable. Contrary to belief, Town Government does not have a say on this, only the constituents, and it is our constituents that elect someone to serve in their stead. The final question lies with the Town Council of Castle Rock, Colorado.

I STRONGLY support Open Space, buffer zones between developments, Parks and Recreation growth, and low-level developments in downtown and around the Districts. I oppose development of any Unincorporated Douglas County which will rely on our public safety services and costs to our town.  My votes will always be in accordance to keeping growth and development within the limits of our Master Plan, which was written to keeping with a “Small Town Feel”. If anything in the 2030 Comprehensive Master Plan is neglected for the sake of growth and monies, I will be in strong opposition. We are a Home Rule Charter Municipality, so the citizen still has the power to voice concern, or approval.

I have dedicated my time and myself to this campaign. I will dedicate my time and myself to serve our small town community, and my District with Honor, Integrity, Passion, and Moral Reserve. I will be transparent and trustworthy. If I do not understand the subject, I know how to discover the information needed. I will strive to be the best I can be, daily, so that I can give you the best that you deserve.

I have no financial gain to explore or exploit. I am not a property owner, so I have no dog in the fight when it comes to property taxes. We are system which relies heavily on taxes, but they must always be fair, and never raised, altered, or adjusted in any way when it goes against the voice of the people. I am grassroots in my conservatism and I follow my Conscious of Faith. My Faith is based upon always doing the right thing at the right time.