Working for Castle Rock | One Neighbor at a Time

I support local small business owners. I support a community where local residents will enjoy what our town has to offer in a diversity of retail opportunities. I support hiring local within any existing or new enterprise within Castle Rock. I support our local Castle Rock Police Department and our local Castle Rock Professional Firefighters. I support a well-balanced Open Space ratio with any future developments. I support private property owner rights. I support low taxes. I support a vibrant downtown community, within our community. I support local private enterprise to create and develop an exciting place for teens in a safe environment.


Small Business Owners: Incentives for locally owned startups and a trickle-down subsidy from tax incentives rewarded to retail developers, to help offset the property owners property tax liabilities. This subsidy must offset the lease costs of business operators. This statement will require more research and study of feasibility, along with the input of local business owners.

Local Shoppers: Work towards a vision where local shoppers will be able to find and afford to shop locally and keep the monies in our community as much as possible.

Hiring Local: Retail is and has been most of the jobs in Castle Rock. This is understandable, since we rely heavily on sales tax income. Are developers hiring local? They should whenever possible.

Public Safety: I will NEVER redirect or cut from any monies our local Castle Rock Police Department and our local Castle Rock Professional Firefighters depend upon for the quality of service they provide. With the growing population, I will support both their needs without hesitation.

Open Space: First, my vision of the geographical landscape of Castle Rock includes an open space buffer all around our town limits. I do not want to see our annexations and developments to extend to the borders of any other community. We must be our own, exclusive geographical oddity within the growth of the southern front range. I would stand for any annexation to be for open space, rather than additional development growth. I would not be opposed to an increase in open space fees from downtown and density developers to support more in our Parks and Recreation.

Property Owner Rights: I do not stand for any measure which punishes any private property owner, whether property taxes or their entitlement right to develop within the proper zoning, ordinances, and Town Council approval, which should be directed only by the 2030 Comprehensive Master Plan.

No Tax Raises: Being a horseman, it never worked when the cart was put before the horse. I am against chasing monies to support the increasing need for road improvements and traffic congestion management. If needed, raise impact fees again. Cut the share-back taxes to developers.

Vibrant Downtown: The Historic Preservation must always come first. Yes, an urban development facelift may be good, but my vision of this is low-level structures with a historic appeal. Attracting people downtown is great for the business owner and the town, but without reasonable parking it is nullified by the intention of many not to deal with coming downtown. Parking acquired from developers within their parking garages does not solve the problem for the quick ventures downtown by many of our local residents. Downtown traffic congestion needs a new study for Perry and Wilcox Streets. If we cannot afford to build for ourselves, we cannot afford to give space away to those who will not build for us.

Teen Recreation: Where do teens go? Highlands Ranch? Denver? I would like to find a way to encourage local business entrepreneurs to create a vision and build from this vision for our local teen’s recreational needs.

I do not know all the answers. I do know how to bring people together to create a better plan from a better idea. I support keeping Castle Rock within the limits of the 2030 Comprehensive Master Plan passed by Town Council in 2017. If this plan needs to be amended to fulfill the wishes of Castle Rock (The People), so be it. Let’s do what’s right for all of us. Tell me how I can help.