My Vision for Castle Rock, Colorado

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My Vision for Castle Rock – To become a vibrant, economic and social community of people who love to live here and who care about the welfare of one another. My vision is a town which meets its goal of growth and development in a common-sense way, and sees that goal as a point of completion, building upon the foundation then established for the health and benefit of its community of citizens. This goal must fulfill a governmental service of fiscal responsibility.

Stats – Castle Rock is growing. Castle Rock is developing. Castle Rock’s annual average growth rate is currently at 4.3%, roughly. As of the 2010 Census Castle Rock, Colorado’s population was 48,000 plus. Currently the populations settles under 71,000 and growing. At a 4.32% growth rate (if this continues), we will reach 100,000 sometime in 2029. The Comprehensive Master Plan is established up to 2030. The population has increased 47% since 2010, according to Census.


  • What does this mean?
  • How will another 30,000, in terms of Census counting, affect our town?
  • Is this what we want?
  • Does our 2030 Comprehensive Master Plan work in relation to this growth?
  • Will our annexations, zoning, and natural resources accommodate this growth and expansion?

I will try and answer in terms of my current knowledge and education on town development and progress.

What does this mean? – The 2030 Comprehensive Master Plan for Castle Rock’s future and our Home Rule Charter must govern one another. Development is governed by The Master Plan and the Town Government is governed by the Home Rule Charter. The Home Rule Charter, by technicality and law, has become the “Voice of the People of Castle Rock.” This is an aspect that should never be forgotten or lost in any or all directives from Town Council. So what does this mean? Growth and development will move forward at least until 2030. According to previous elections, this was the, “Will of the People”. That said, let us all work together to keep growth within the realm of common sense and an ongoing determination of the “Will of the People”.

How will another 30,000, in terms of Census counting, affect our town? – There is no doubt in anyone’s mind of common sense that this future growth will demand adequate infrastructure and natural resources. Without this, there can be no development moving forward. Responsible development is the current voice of the people. It is that simple. Inadequate infrastructure and/or a strain on natural resources preparation, is the negative. The positive is in the planning and preparation. So to answer this question, “How will another 30,000, in terms of Census counting, affect our town?” It will support the strengthening of local small business, and the availability of a diversity of employment and fulfillment to the community as a whole, as long as directives are challenged by the 2030 Comprehensive Master Plan and the Home Rule Charter. We always come back to these two governing foundations passed and approved by a previous council, elected by the people of Castle Rock, Colorado.

Is this what we want? – This is what we have. So let us make the best of it. Let us make it better for all. Let us improve upon the infrastructure and natural and renewable water resources (already in progress). Let us focus on the natural beauty and landscape. Let us provide places of activity and recreation for the communities. Let us always maintain a balanced ratio of development and open space as mandated in the Charter and Master Plan. Let us focus more on how future development may lend its presence to narrowing the gap between many low-income earners and the increasing cost of living in a current “Bedroom” community. We are not all wealthy. Many small business people struggle and so do wage earners, yet we all want to live here. These are all things I feel most, if not all of our citizen want. This is what I want. I want positive growth and development, economically and ascetically, not growth for the sake of trying to keep up with an ever-increasing need for more sales taxes, property taxes, and impact fees.

Note: {Covid 19 has affected wage earners, small business owners, even salaried professionals. We must consider that moving forward as planned, should and will have positive benefits down the road. We will all get through this. As a Conservative, I feel it SHOULD be sooner than later. Being fiscally conservative with the town’s monies is responsible leadership.}

Does our 2030 Comprehensive Master Plan work in relation to this growth? By, “Does it work?” I refer to, “Are we keeping growth and development in line with the Master Plan’s Directive? In this case, “Yes” it will work. A balanced annual budget with surplus is always a positive for economic and social development. Properly assigning the surplus to the proper places of priority should be determine by a census of the community.

Will our annexations, zoning, and natural resources accommodate this growth and expansion? – In some cases they will be required. When doing so, annexations, zoning, and natural resources will and should allow for future expansions in the area of Parks and Recreation, along with always maintaining a buffer of open space adequate for citizen satisfaction, approval, and enjoyment.

How will future expansion and development affect Historical Downtown Castle Rock? – It should never be allowed. Downtown Urban Renewal is necessary whether we grow or not. Development Impact Fees and Development Property Taxes should always support efforts and costs to maintain Downtown Castle Rock as a primary destination for locals and visitors alike.


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