My character has been built upon setbacks in life, which served the growth of personal nature I strive for daily; Honesty, Integrity, Discipline, and of course, a Hope in the abundance we all may enjoy. My goal is to transform this personal growth into the world of public service in our community.

My name is Gary L. Godfrey. I am seeking election for District 2 Town Council. I have been a resident in Castle Rock, Colorado for seven years this September, 2020. Currently, I am Administrator of CRCO and the Castle Rock Local Business Alliance. I have worked retail as Manager of two Jos. A. Bank Men’s Stores and Assistant Manager of Vitamin World, both in Castle Rock and Greenwood Village since living in the area.
I was a refugee of the 2013 floods in Northern Colorado, having lost it all where I lived at the time in Glen Haven, Colorado. I relocated to Castle Rock by circumstance and immediately fell in love with the small-town feel. Having lived in the Colorado Mountains for several years, Castle Rock held the appeal of a small town community. It still does. Keeping up with the rising cost of living has been a challenge, but overcoming and rising to the challenge is my forte. I overcame the flood setback, and rebuilt a life in this amazing “Diamond in the Rough” community!

Three months after arriving, I received a kidney transplant and have gained upward momentum towards health and vitality since. I am a man of Faith, with a strong belief and dedication to God. I am fiscally conservative, socially moderate, with a daily dedication to my Faith and Fortitude. My character has been built upon setbacks in life, which served the growth of personal nature I strive for daily; Honesty, Integrity, Discipline, and of course, a Hope in the abundance we all may enjoy. My goal is to transform this personal growth into the world of public service in our community.

Running for public service to secure a seat on town council is something I never expected to be doing when I first moved to Castle Rock in 2013. Things change, and so do I. “Here am I, send me.” This is one of my favorite Biblical quotes from the Book of Isaiah. It is my reminder of where I place my faith, in virtue of what I do in life, or will be doing. Faith and Commitment go together, just as Honesty and Integrity. If I am elected by the community of District 2 in Castle Rock, Colorado to serve on a seat of Town Council, this commitment will become fulfilled in my daily efforts, thoughts, and actions. My faith will be my strength, and Honesty and Integrity will be the essence of how my character is measured. I will serve faithfully.

After living here since September, 2013, I have seen and heard all of the negatives and the positives on growth in Castle Rock. I have had my negatives and positives. My negatives, during my early months living here, were largely biased from a point of view without understanding the history which brought the town to what I was seeing a year after I arrived. I mean, I had just relocated by circumstance after living fifteen years in a quaint, mountain community. Yes, there have been approvals to things in the past that have led to an explosion in growth here in Castle Rock. Many are not happy with this growth and what it brings. I was one, and to some extent, I still am. But, I do understand the need to grow in common-sense ways.

– The Negatives? Growth brings uncomfortable change. Growth brings people. Growth brings traffic congestion. Growth brings outside opinions. Growth may be indirectly responsible for the not so glorious notoriety our town has received in the Local, State, and National Press at times. Growth brings crime. Growth brings greed.

– The Positives? Growth brings tax revenue, which our public safety heavily relies upon and keeps our roads maintained. Growth brings quality people, who have identified with the landscape and culture of our town. Growth brings a greater need for services, whether public or private, contributing to a generation who want to create their own business locally. Managed responsibly, growth brings notoriety for the positive spotlight of a neighborhood, small-town, community, of which Castle Rock needs to remain. We must fulfill this growth by 2030, and become a very self-sufficient community.

I am a strong supporter of the Castle Rock Police Department, CRPD and the Castle Rock Fire & Rescue, CRPF (Castle Rock Professional Firefighters). I will never let them down.

Yes, Castle Rock is not the small town it was physically or ascetically before I arrived, but the heart and soul for our community must not and should not ever fade away. Common Sense Growth should become the mantra moving forward. Growth and Development should continue to be considerate to the influence and support of small, locally owned business and needs of the residents. Growth brings a greater need for services, whether public or private. Responsible growth should always consider the benefit to lower income citizens, who have seen a disparaging separation between earnings and cost of living over the past few years. I am a believer in the effectiveness of Public Service Announcements, or PSA’s. Targeted PSA’s, whether to businesses in our town limits, HOA’s, traffic congestions, including speeding and disrespectful driving, even support for the public servants within the scope of town government, should become a part of an awareness campaign, always in the format of “Keeping with the small-town feel”!

Yes, there are councilpersons some have loved, and some had no love for.
Yes, past councilpersons and past appointed Mayors led out in the expansion of our town, bringing in questionable developments, such as The Promenade, along with other residential multi-family units which many people immediately did not like. To the local citizen, the voter, I will say this; the Town of Castle Rock’s involvement with growth and development is and must always be available in a transparent way. Transparency does exist. The initiative must be yours, the citizen and the elected councilperson who represents their district. If elected, as a councilperson I will listen in a transparent way, and I will do my best to respond in a transparent way.

Entitlements seem to be the subject matter of the day. A plan was put in place, and it is in the process of fulfillment. When all applications and forms are completed, reviewed by the Town and the Town Council for approval, when the I’s are dotted and the T’s are crossed, a landowner has a right to develop their property. Yes there are exceptions, when it would impact the town in a negative way, but rights are rights just the same. Lawsuits arise in just such matters.

As far as future proposals for growth and development, including the Miller’s Landing project, the key enterprise involved in the early stages of proposals is Castle Rock Water. Having been certified in the State of Colorado for operations and management of waste water and freshwater small systems, I have become educated in many aspects of our town’s water, wastewater, storm water, and related infrastructures in relation to past, present, and future growth. Castle Rock Water and its management know what they are doing and are many steps ahead of the game. Growth and development will not happen if necessary criteria and complimentary support is not there, as determined by Castle Rock Water. At least it should not.

I do not propose to be an expert on any of town management, entitlements, zonings, annexations, or other. I am still learning boundaries and the town limits. There are town servants who understand these things and present their knowledge to the council. As a councilperson it is my duty and my obligation to listen, hear, and weigh my thoughts upon the matter or matters brought forth.
This I can promise to do, and Yes, on your behalf.

Topics of Personal Interest:
– Water
– Development
– Transportation (streets, roadways, and intersections
– Public Safety
– Historical Preservation

To elect me for the seat of District 2 Town Council means:
– Honest
– Integrity
– Equitability
– Dedication

I am passionate, conservative, and I support all things local especially the success of small business, and I will always live by the mantra of “Keeping the Small Town Feel!” Castle Rock is a Home Rule Charter Town Municipality. Let us be sure to keep this in place. We are not like any of our surrounding city municipalities, so let us not try and be. The Home Rule Charter puts the citizens of Castle Rock in charge. Never forget this.

A Council Seat is Bigger Than Just One Person.

It takes a team to lead. I am a team player. Yes, I have my ideas and opinions, but others have answers as well. Wisdom and unbiased judgement is key. I support small business amidst the growth of our town. I support shopping local in support of our local small businesses, and continuing to build upon the sales tax revenue.

Growth and progress IS Castle Rock and so is the “Small Town Feel”. I believe both can compliment one another.

Join With Me Today – Lend Me Your Support and Vote – Gary Godfrey on Election Day for District 2 Town Council