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Development is all about what the Municipal Code will allow. As far as the ” The View at Castle Rock” development, everything I have looked into satisfies the Municipal Code. If I am wrong, correct me. The question that remains is, “Does this satisfy Downtown Economic Development, which in turn will lead to Downtown Urban Enhancements? The increase in the population density has the potential to support downtown urban development as well as downtown local small business, of which I have a soft spot for.

I am not 100% clear on the open space fees, but I do understand that this is the requirement when physical open space is not available to be satisfied by a developer in a properly zoned area where the development is entitled to exist, after meeting code requirements and Council approval. Parks and Recreation, I believe, benefit from the fees. As far as the tax share backs concerning The View, (which I am beginning to lean against in future developments), the DDA is in support of this financial aspect. The DDA, Downtown Development Authority, is not about supporting developers in spite of the town, but to support the town’s equitable growth by assisting in responsible development. The Skyline/Ridgeline Code is not impacted nor infracted. I am a proponent of Open Space. I understand the overall community’s love for open space and recreation. I lived in the Colorado Mountains twenty years, and I fell in love with Castle Rock due to its “small town feel”. I still have this feel.

I feel at this point in the Prestige of our Community Castle Rock, we are a town where developers wish to be, at their expense and our gain. This is how it should be today. But remember, high-cost development leads to high-cost rents and leases. But, this is the beauty of free enterprise markets. This is when the Economic Development Council can step in.

Metro District Bonds which affect business property taxes are another area I am looking into, especially where the Promenade and the “Great Wall of Castle Rock” are concerned. The term “development” has received a negative connotation. I refuse to use talking points and catch phrases such as, “responsible development”, but development that supports the community as a whole is a good thing. Local business owners and residents alike (which most local business owners are) deserve fair consideration with any development that may affect them in any negative way, or a positive way as well. I remember the proposal put before council concerning the church to be built on 5th Street at the Woodlands. I was against this due to the imposition of the retaining wall to the neighbors as well as the potential traffic impact and restructuring of the area.

Yes, with all new development and any increase in population density, traffic complications increase. Castle Rock’s Public Works, is on top of all needs based upon involvement with this downtown development. I will be a proponent for discovering ways to fully fund the Public Works Department. Many projects are “shovel ready”. The monies are not there. This needs to be turned around. Maybe, the “share-back” taxes we give to developer incentives, can support traffic needs developments. We shall see.

We don’t properly grow, we die. We grow irresponsibly, we reap the downside of growth. I am a free-enterprise and property rights and business owner rights supporter. Anyone vested in property wishes to see their investments grow. I simply wish to see our community work together and share in the progress. I am not going to throw out plans and ideas that make me sound like I am running for the Colorado House. I am simply hoping to be involved in our town’s planning, development, and local support process as we move forward, key phrase (not catch phrase), “Moving Forward”.


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