Why I Should Serve on Town Council of Castle Rock, Colorado

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3 Reasons Why I Should Serve on Town Council!

  1. I will make my decisions and choices, and I will vote in accordance to the Home Rule Charter, the 2030 Comprehensive Master Plan, and most importantly, the constituents of the District 2 I will serve, and the constituents of Castle Rock, as issues dictate. I will govern in humility and objective reasoning. I will listen, and I will learn. Humility is a trait I admire in others, so pronouncing what I feel are my qualities, is not an easy thing.
  2. Not only am I legally qualified, I am personally qualified. My personal honesty and integrity to serve others in an open and transparent way, is a quality I did not inherit. It is the result of overcoming challenges which led to a development of emotional and psychological maturity. I am a Common-Sense Conservative. My belief in God and my life-rule of always asking for directive and guidance is the best character for leadership, in my opinion as well as my experience. Town Council requires, “Mature Leadership”. To my Conservative Republican friends, I will serve in bi-partisan efforts, yet with my principles of Conservative Leadership.
  3. I am an average citizen. I am grassroots in my approach to life and people, as well as my politics and leadership. I am traditional in personal values. I believe in God, Country, and Family. I understand the value of property ownership and money. I understand the value of people and how we can all contribute, in our own personal ways. Reason 3 of why I should serve on Council? This is my contribution, to assist and help direct the best course for Castle Rock, Colorado according to the laws of which we are governed and the “Will of the People”. As a natural liaison in my way of dealing with others, I hope I can bridge this gap between the “haters and the doers” in our current direction as a community, as a whole. Many do not like the growth and many do. Transparency with reason and education goes a long way to bridge this gap. I will, “Stand in the Gap”!


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